Social Neuroscience and Dog Behaviour

In this webinar, Daniel explores the neuroscientific basis of social behaviour in the domestic dog, including the evolution of social behaviour, culture, mirror neurons and social learning, the generation and function of facial expressions, empathy and helping behaviour, and the neuroscience of attachment.

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About the presenter:

Daniel Shaw BSc (Hons), GMBPsS, CDBC is an animal behaviourist with a background in animal behaviour, psychology and neuroscience. As the owner of Animal Behaviour Kent, Daniel has a successful history of supporting dogs and cats with behaviour problems, and has a special interest in the effects of trauma on animals. Daniel is a degree qualified psychologist and certified dog behaviour consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). 

Daniel is well known for his work in the animal behaviour industry and regularly presents seminars and webinars to other professionals. His online course platform ABK Learn provides both owners and professionals with insights into the psychological health of dogs and provides a wealth of information on many common behavioural problems. His new flagship course, Trauma Informed Pet Professionals explores the neurobiology of trauma and presents cutting edge techniques for helping dogs that have experienced trauma.